You've hodled enough.
Start living, pay later.

Lendasat lets you take instant loans to pay Lightning invoices. No need to sell your Bitcoin.

How it works.

Instant Bitcoin-collateralized loans

Lendasat makes borrowing super easy.

Give us your Lightning invoice

Paste a BOLT 11 invoice you want us to pay. It can be for a giftcard (Bitrefill), a utility bill (Livingroom of Satoshi), or for cash (with Strike).

Lock up your Bitcoin collateral

Lock up your Bitcoin collateral into a smart contract using Lightning. The amount depends on your selected Loan To Value (LTV) ratio.

Get the goods

We pay your invoice and you get what you want. After you pay back the loan, you get back your Bitcoin collateral on Lightning.

Friends don't let friends sell bitcoin.

Don't sell your Bitcoin.

  • Maintain long-term exposure to Bitcoin
  • Peer-to-peer and trustless
  • No sell, no capital gains
  • Instant cashflow for your bitcoin - pay your LN invoice instantly
Your terms. Your keys. Your coins.

Stay in control.

  • Built on ARK
  • Secured by Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs)
  • No counterparty risk
Not just fast. Instant.

Pay back when you want.

  • Pay back your loan via Lightning
  • Receive your collateral back on Lightning
  • Trustless loan payback

Self-custodial loans powered by DLCs on ARK

Built with DLC on ARK you stay in control of your funds at all times. An oblivious oracle attests to the market price at loan termination, allowing all parties to enforce the terms of the loan contract unilaterally.

Atomic Loan Setup

Loan invoice, collateral (hold) invoice and DLC VTXO use the same hashlock to ensure atomicity.


Combining the power of ARK and DLCs, Lendasat lifts a Lightning HTLC to ARK into a DLC VTXO, only spendable by lender and borrower.

Cooperative Repayment

To pay back the loan, Lendasat constructs a DLC VTXO Conditional Forfeit transaction, signed by lender and borrower. Lendasat can only claim the new output after paying the lender's repayment invoice and the borrower's collateral invoice.

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Answering the most common questions.

Wait. What is Lendasat?

Lendasat is the first fully non-custodial Bitcoin borrowing platform, powered by DLCs and Ark. Lendasat allows you to borrow against your bitcoin to pay Lightning invoices directly.

What is the problem you're solving again?

We offer a solution for hodlers to get the liquidity they need without having to sell their bitcoin. There is no middleman, no KYC, and no collateral rehypothecation.

How much does it cost?

Lendasat charges an origination fee between 1% and 2%.

Why should I use Lendasat?

Because Lendasat is different to other lending platforms. In a nutshell, our advantages are: (i) You don't have to sell your bitcoin; (ii) secured by DLCs – secure, proven, and actively used as a Collateral storage system, (iii) No third parties involved, (iv) Short-term Loans available, (v) Minimum Loan amount – 10 USD equivalent, (vi) No credit checks, (vii) Transparent process, no hidden fees, (viii) YOU set the terms!

How do I start?

Scroll up and sign up to get early access.

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